Thank You!

Thanks to all who came out today for the Pre Order Drive Through Pick Up and supporting our local farmers and vendors. We are going to take a couple of days for rest and regrouping. We will be checking in with vendors and following guidelines as they continue to change. Governor Scott is expected to make an announcement regarding whether Farmers Markets are considered essential in Vermont in the coming days. We have let their administration know what we are doing and that it is an important viable way to continue to get healthy food to our community and support the local economy. Please share any pictures: #BFMdrivethru. We welcome feedback from the community; comment here or send an email to
Stay tuned.

Pre-order Drive Through Market – Tomorrow!

Dear Community. 

We are excited to hold our first Pre-order Drive Through market event this weekend.  Here is how it will work:Vendors will be closing all remaining pre-orders later today. True Love and WIldstone closed their pre-orders on Wednesday evening. Vehicles will enter from River St in to the parking lot.  There will be a parking attendant to greet you from afar and explain how to move through the parking lot.  The treasurer will be taking cards, checks and exact cash payments already in envelopes.  True Love and Wildstone have made their own arrangements with their customers, and some vendors have been paid online as well.  After customers receive their boxes, they will exit on Depot Street.