By Laws



The name of this organization shall be the BENNINGTON FARMERS’ MARKET.


The mission of the BENNINGTON FARMERS’ MARKET is to provide fresh, locally produced agricultural products, prepared foods and other goods to the consumer for the benefit of both the consumer and the producer; to increases awareness in the Bennington area of the availability and benefits of locally grown vegetables, meat and dairy products as well as locally produced baked goods, preserves, honey, wool and other farm products.


This organization is charitable and educational, and uses sales of produce, space rental, and member dues to aid in financially supporting the following goals:

  • To create an attractive, vital farmers’ market that promotes the value of sustainable agriculture, the production and consumption of fresh, local foods and related goods, a viable rural economy and small-scale, owner-operated, home businesses.
  • To operate according to fair, clear, effective rules and guidelines that benefit all members and build a sense of equality and community among participants.
  • To increase awareness in the Bennington area of the many benefits of locally grown vegetables, meat and dairy products as well as locally produced prepared foods, farm products, and crafts. Educational activities to include demonstrations at markets and related events.
  • To support local charitable organizations by donating surplus food, when available.


Membership is extended to any individual who is interested in furthering the goals of the organization, who pays the annual membership fee, and, in the case of vendor members, reserves a site and vends at the BENNINGTON FARMERS’ MARKET. Each member has one vote and is eligible for election to the Board of Directors.


A quorum for the transaction of corporate business shall exist when a minimum of 50% of the duly elected, currently serving board members are present.  To change policy, a majority of the board members must approve. There is no quorum required for membership meetings.


The board of directors shall be responsible for the business of the organization and for any other business that may be necessary relating to the organization. The directors shall in all cases act as a board and may adopt any such rules and regulations for the conduct of the meetings, the management of the organization, and the administration of the market as they deem proper and consistent with the laws of the State of Vermont.

There shall be seven to nine persons elected as the Board of Directors from the membership. The goal is for a broad makeup of the Board. There must always be a majority of vendors. The remaining Board members should be community and/or business non-vendors. When choosing nominees for the board, the current board should strive to meet the following goal of diversity: that there be at least two farmers and at least one person from each product group (agricultural products, prepared/specialty food and crafts).

The officers shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a secretary, and a treasurer, and will be elected by the Board. Each officer will perform such duties as the Board directs.

Each person elected to the Board of Directors shall be elected for a three year term. Any vacancy that occurs on the board will be filled by a vote of the current directors for the remaining term of the position.

Non-members can be nominated for election to the Board of Directors, yet they must maintain a current membership through the term of office.

A director may be removed from office only by a two/thirds (2/3) vote of a meeting of the full board at a meeting called specifically for that purpose.

The Board of Directors will specifically (but not exclusively):

  1. Set the rules for the market from year to year including vendors’ fees,
  2. Arrange for the location and establish the duration of the market,
  3. Hire/fire any employees that may be necessary to manage the business of the organization and /or the market and/or any other activities relating to the goals of the organization,
  4. Define committees that will handle necessary business of the organization,
  5. Define mailing and office addresses that may be necessary,
  6. Define membership fees for individual and group memberships, reserved site fees, and establish and define any special membership categories that may be necessary.
  7. Any other business that may be necessary to manage the organization, the market and any activities relating to the goals of the market.


Committees, if needed, will be defined by the Board of Directors. Each committee will have at least one member of the Board of Directors.


The bylaws are to guide the organization in purpose and procedure. The bylaws can be changed, modified, added to, or deleted from by a two thirds (2/3) of one third (1/3) of the voting members at a meeting for that purpose, or at the regularly scheduled annual meeting, with 30 days notice given to the current voting membership.


There will be an annual membership meeting of the Bennington Farmers’ Market each year after the close of the market season, (or in the fall of the year), no later than December 31 to review the business of the year to date; to elect members of the Board of Directors for the following year; and to take care of any business set by the President and Vice President. Special membership meetings may be called by the Board of Directors. Thirty days notice will be given to all members for all the member meetings. Only current members have the right to vote on any organization business including elections.

Board meetings shall be called by the President for any business that needs to be done. Minutes will be taken at all meetings of the Board of Directors and approved copy will be kept in the Market files. Three days notice shall be given for any board meeting.

Updated: November 1, 2014