Market Artists

2019 Market Artists

Amy Anselmo | The design for the Bennington Farmers Market logo,  Music, Food & Flowers, was carved by Amy Anselmo from North Bennington, Vermont. When she’s not carving designs, working on an upcoming children’s book or making jewelry—Amy enjoys very hoppy IPAs, meeting new people, eating great local food, traveling, and sharing all that is great about Bennington. More about her and her work can be seen on or on Instagram at @amya.vt. 

Susan Beal  designed the market’s pint glasses for the past three years. She comes from a long line of artists and has loved to draw since she was a little girl, when one of her favorite books was “Ferdinand the Bull.” She loved the story, but especially loved the intricate, detailed line drawings of trees, grass, and, of course, young bulls .She also loved Maurice Sendak’s ink drawings for the Little Bear books.Later on she discovered the gorgeous wood engravings of Albrecht Durer and was enchanted. To this day she can think of few things that are as satisfying as slowing down and settling in to observe and draw, in fine pen and ink, the intimate details of a plant or animal. She also created two of the past market posters.

Jon Davis is an amateur photographer, who enjoys shooting landscapes, animals, flowers and architecture. He took the lovely photograph of the market that heads up our website’s front page.

Matthew Perry | Every year, the Market chooses a local artist to create that year’s poster. This year it is Matthew Perry of the Vermont Arts Exchange.