This month’s vendor spotlight is Emveo so we interviewed Merrie VanOrden about her business. Check out the Q & A below to learn a little about Emveo & don’t forget to “like” them on Facebook to stay up to date!

Tell us a little about yourself – who are you? What is your business name?
Merrie: My name is Merrie VanOrden. My business name is emveo, which is the phonetic spelling of my initials. I make unique jewelry and other accessories using found objects, usually items that would be otherwise discarded.  One of my favorite materials to work with is vintage copper.

Why did you get into your business?
Merrie: I have always been an artist at heart.  After working in the service industry for many years, I needed a change.  I had taken a silver smithing class in high school but never really did anything with it.  After moving back to Bennington, I started working with a friend who makes jewelry and it inspired me to start creating again.

What inspires you to run Emveo on the long and/or hard days?
 Taking something that is old, broken or spent that might end up in a landfill and turning it into art that people actually appreciate is one of my favorite things to do.  I am easily inspired by almost everything I look at.

What is your favorite product that you sell?
 My favorite item that I sell would be my up-cycled string light earrings.  They’re fun to make and they spark the most interesting conversations!  What I love most about them is that I am giving them a second life.  They may no longer light up but they are still beautiful.

What is your favorite part about Saturdays at the Bennington Farmers’ Market?
 I am so happy with my decision to be a vendor at the farmer’s market. My only regret is not doing it sooner.  I love the social interaction with both customers and other vendors.  The positive energy, the people, the products, the sense of community all make for a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

What’s something customers can look forward to at your vendor booth in the upcoming weeks?
 I have just crawled out of a creative slump and have been making lots of new “one of kind” pieces.